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Light Pole Base

Lindsay Precast has been protecting what matters for more than 50 years. Our concrete precast light pole base products add efficiency and reduce costs, and quality is a given with every one of our precast concrete products.


Our concrete precast light pole base products are precast in our shop, which results in faster, more-efficient installation at the jobsite, compared to pouring in place on site. Our reusable molds make pouring precast foundations faster than building custom molds on site using wood, sono tube and other materials.


Weather doesn’t affect your timeframe with precast light pole base products, but it can when pouring in place. You can reset and move precast bases and pads, but you can’t with poured-in-place designs if they’re set wrong.


All testing is done in our plant. With poured-in-place light pole bases and pads, you need to take cylinders at your jobsite and take them to be tested. If your test fails, you have to demo and start again with the poured-in-place design. With precast, you know if you need to make your base or pad again before it’s even in the ground.


Our molds for our precast light pole base products are re-used at our plant, saving you money. Poured-in place pole bases and pads require the added expense of material for making the molds on site, plus additional labor costs. Contractors don’t want their workers make concrete products, due in part to their lack of experience in the field. Pouring onsite at military and airport projects requires adherence to the Davis Beacon Act, which drives up labor rates. These regulations don’t impact Lindsay Precast’s precast product manufacturing.


Our precast light pole base products are certified to the standards of the American Society for Testing & Materials (ASTM), the National Precast Concrete Association (NCPA), and we hold many state certifications including ODOT, FDOT and CDOT. Plus, precast products are smoother, and require no on-site grinding like poured-in-place product. Chamfers are easier, and conduit and j-bolts work better with precast bases and pads.


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