Sanitary/Storm Sewer Products

Sanitary/Storm Sewer Products

Lindsay Precast offers a full line of precast concrete sanitary sewer manhole and storm basin products to protect what matters to you — be it as focused as your specific project or as broad as a contributing member of your community.

Our line-up of precast concrete sanitary sewer manhole products ranges from 48” to 144” in diameter, handling your sanitary sewer, pump stations/wet well and storm drainage needs. Pipe connections can be hole openings, booted or gasketed, which helps ensure a successful vacuum test.

Our precast concrete storm basin products come in all local municipal and DOT sizes to meet your needs. Waffle or knockout-type boxes offer fast delivery and jobsite flexibility, while our solid-type boxes offer the ease of holes cast in during fabrication.

Our DOT-specified as well as custom pipe headwall and wing wall options will fit nearly all design needs. And, pond, inlet and outlet control structures cast to your design specifications — with trash racks, valves, weirs and more — also are available.

Every one of family owned Lindsay Precast’s reliable American-made precast concrete products solves a problem or meets a fundamental need to protect something of value, including our sanitary sewer manhole and storm basin products. For this reason, we are recognized as the industry’s only precast concrete manufacturer to specialize in protecting what matters.

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