Ballast Bases

Ballast Bases

Lindsay Precast provides precast concrete ground-mounted ballast base solutions for all of your solar needs. Our products are zero ground penetrating and heavy enough to handle uplift design requirements.

Our in-house tooling design and fabrication allows for custom shapes and sizes as required for your specific solar job. Plus, we provide the fastest turnaround from project design through delivery, from start to finish.

Precast concrete offers a sustainable, spark-resistant, non-corrosive product solution, and our products are manufactured in our U.S. factories to meet the highest quality control requirements for post bolt locations in the industry.

Lindsay Precast’s American-made concrete arch bridge products have a long lifecycle and require very little maintenance. Operating in a controlled environment, all of our precast concrete products are built to American Society for Testing & Materials (ASTM) and National Precast Concrete Association (NPCA) standards.

To learn more about our precast concrete ground mounted base solutions for solar applications, contact us today. And to put the power of the precast concrete manufacturer that Protects What Matters to work for you.