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Lindsay Precast Offers Full Complement of Concrete Products

Family-owned Lindsay Precast offers a complete line of standard concrete products designed to fit the bill whether you’re looking for security, transportation or utility products. Our line of U.S.- manufactured standard concrete products is called upon when banks need to protect money and securities, and D.O.T.s need to protect transportation infrastructure. We are the go-to manufacturer when it comes to concrete products to protect property and the environment with storm drainage systems or soil and water with septic systems.


Our full line of concrete products include the following:


3-Sided Culvert Foundation Vault Precast Shelter
4-Sided Culvert Gratings Pull Box
48" Manhole     Grease Trap Pump Station          
60" Manhole Holding Tank PV Boxes
72" Manhole Inlet Box Quad Burial Vault
84" Manhole Junction Box Sand Interceptor
96" Manhole Lift Station Septic Tank
120" Manhole Light Pole Bases Solar Bases
144" Manhole Manhole Vault Solar Vault
Bank Vault Door Median Barrier Storm Shelter
Bank Vaults Meter Pit Storm Trap
Base Pad Meter Vault Storm Water Detention
Box Culvert Military Storage Containers Storm Water Treatment
Building, Precast              Niche/Columbarium Transformer Pad
Burial Vault Outlet Separator Transformer Vault
Castings Outlet Structure Trenches
Catch Basin Overflow Structure UL Vaults
CEV Physical Security Products Urn Crypts
Control Building Pole Bases Utility Vault
Distribution Box Portable Barrier Wastewater Treatment
Environment 21 Precast Building Wind Vaults
Foundation Pad             Precast Molds Yard Inlet/Drain 



To learn more about our standard line of precast concrete products, contact us today.


For most of our more than 60 years in business, we've specialized in manhole structures - from 48" to 144".


U.S Department of Veterans Affairs approved supplier for burial crypts, quads, urn crypts and columbarium providing products throughout North America.

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