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Lindsay's Concrete Transportation Products Protect What Matters

With more than 50 years of experience, family-owned Lindsay Precast is a respected authority on protecting what matters in bridge, box, wall and other precast concrete transportation products. Lindsay Precast’s products, all manufactured in the United States, defend against weather, runoff, noise, accidents and just about any other potential threat to safety on our nation’s roads and highways.

From egress tunnels and water diversion to bridges and traffic control, Lindsay Precast covers all the bases on precast concrete transportation products. At our facilities in Ohio, Florida, North Carolina and Colorado, Lindsay’s engineers and manufacturing experts have been developing expertise in a wide range of concrete transportation products including bridge, box and wall applications since 1961.

Found in all 50 states, most of the Caribbean Islands, Mexico, South America, Central America, China, Russia, and the Middle East, Lindsay Precast products have the expertise and know-how you can trust. You can trust Lindsay Precast's American-made concrete transportation products and accessories to meet your sophisticated and demanding applications.

Learn more about our capabilities in precast concrete arch bridges. Learn more about our precast concrete box culvert capabilities here. 


To learn more about our capabilities in bridge, box, wall and other precast concrete transportation products, contact us today.



• 3-Sided Box Culvert

• 4-Sided Box Culvert

Arched Bridges (PDF)


Box Culvert (PDF)


• Variable-Radius Arched Bridges


• Single-Radius Arched Bridges


• Custom Structures

Retaining Walls (PDF) 


Stone Strong (PDF)

Wing Walls (PDF)

• Sound Walls

Barriers (PDF)


The solidity of our concrete arches provides the foundation needed for major transportation projects across the country.


Our precast concrete retaining wall products provide the foundation for construction projects throughout the nation.

Joint Sealers and Wrap
Form Liners
Special Features and Openings
Bolt-Together Options

Egress Tunnels
Wine Cellars
Water Diversion
Fiber Optic
Barrier Wall
Privacy Wall
Traffic Control

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